What is the Academy Program?

Academy programs have emerged as a 21st century solution to addressing the potential shortfalls in youth soccer development. For many years youth player development has been hampered by coaching quality and the pressures to win at critical periods in the development process. Academy programs seek to improve individual player development, satisfaction and retention, and to create a less pressured youth soccer environment for coaches, adult spectators, and match officials. Sheffield United Academy will serve as a stepping stone to the competitive game as well as introduce players to its systems and positional play. It will improve their creativity and technical skills, expand their awareness of the game and provide parents with a means of assessing their child’s development and interest.

The training curriculum is designed in conjunction with the Sheffield United competitive staff and is designed to compliment the future game as well as to address the immediate needs of the youngsters. It is a combination of technical and tactical topics with an emphasis on technical development. The curriculum will cover important topics such as:

• Dribbling (controlling the ball and taking people on)
• Finishing (shooting effectively)
• Passing (striking the ball with a variety of surfaces and playing a controllable ball)
• Receiving and turning with the ball
• Shielding (protecting the ball with the body)
• Heading (introduction to safe and effective methods)
• Attacking (combinations and shape will be introduced)

If your child has enjoyed recreational soccer, and has gained the skills to be successful in small-sided games, Sheffield United Academy is an excellent opportunity for him/her to grow and excel in the game of soccer. Our approach is to maintain a healthy balance between having fun, improving technically and learning how the game is played at a competitive level.